President's Message

Welcome to the Griffin House web site. We are the leader in western Canada of printing t-shirts, hoodies, bags and other promotional textile products. 2014 was a great year for Griffin House and would not have been without all of our great clients and the cool projects we printed for them. Most of our clients have been working with us for many years and have been able to grow their business from the products we produce for them.

We have added new machinery to our floor that we keep running clean and smooth and prepares us for another great year ahead in 2015.

A little background history of the griffin is that the griffin is a ferocious-looking mythical creature with the body of a lion, the wings and head of an eagle, and a serpent-like tail. According to legend, the griffin was known for protecting hidden treasures by leaping on approaching strangers and tearing them apart with its razor-sharp talons.

At Griffin House, we use our griffin-like protective instincts to make sure we deliver the best quality printed garments and fabrics, on time, every time. We combine teamwork and textile screenprinting expertise with unwavering vigilance to quality.

For customers who value consistently reliable quality coupled with excellent communication, we are the textile screenprinter of choice in western Canada. Don't settle for anything less!

Should you wish to discuss your next print job, feel free to contact me directly at or by phone at 604 877 1161.

Tom Thorpe, President
Griffin House Screenprinting & Sportswear

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