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We have the equipment and technical expertise to print on a wide range of garments and textile products, from standard fabrics to specialty technical fabrics used for high performance sports and racewear. Our careful attention to details combined with an almost negligible rate of seconds is especially valued by our customers, many of whom place considerable trust in our ability to get it right, every time.

Drawing on a knowledge base accumulated over more than 20 years in the textile screen printing industry, we perform value-added services throughout the production process. We provide honest recommendations that customers have come to trust and expect. Read more about our management skills and expertise...

Our services can be roughly divided into two groups:

Contract Printing Services
We provide contract printing services for manufacturers and resellers in the garment manufacturing and advertising specialties industries, and to manufacturers of textile souvenir products. We also supply printing on promotional wear and corporate logo wear. If you are shopping for printing services only, this is the category for you. Customers in this category generally provide us with the raw materials (blank white T-Shirts, for example), and contract us to print on them. We can handle large orders; we are more than capable of printing 7500 T-shirts per day.

Find out more about what we can handle; visit our our Facility Capabilities page.

Turnkey Printing: Printed Garments & Other Products
We supply "turnkey" finished imprinted textile products for special events. As one of the Vancouver area's best-known business-to-business suppliers of printed T-shirts, towels and other products, we are the printer of choice for organizers of many high-profile events like the annual Vancouver Sun Run and the Vancouver Marathon. We also provide playoff sports towels for the Vancouver Canucks hockey team, and print promotional material for smaller companies like Jaw Drop Cooler Canada.

We will source out the raw materials for you, and provide an all-inclusive service so that you simply have to pick up the product when done. Products we handle fall into categories such as:

To view samples of our work, please see our Product Gallery section.

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